Industries we invest in.

We have been investing for the past ten years close to $1.2 billion in transactions, leading our investors and partners to create lasting impact in their profits and in the communities we serve.

Lazmor Capital creates value using active strategies across discretionary, systematic and specialist solutions through their three core industries: Real State, HealthCare and Tech.

We seek insights that give a spin to traditional thinking.

We build business with your aspiration and our knowledge.

By focusing on superior investment returns, a differentiated product offering, global distribution strength and operating efficiency we seek to deliver sustainable growth for all stakeholders.

We see change as an opportunity.

We see the continuous change of market conditions, shifting client needs and the ever-tightening of regulations as opportunities to deliver value. Lazmor Capital embraces new insights and innovations to service the constantly evolving demands and needs of our customers. We aim to stay at the forefront of the asset management business, just as we have done for ten years

Our team of professionals are well seasoned and have a keen aptitude for strategic investments and sound risk management to create significant returns. Our partners see lasting impacts in their profits and in the communities we serve. 

Real Estate

LAZMOR Capital has been present for 10 years in the Real Estate Industry with many investments and projects including undeveloped land, houses, condominiums, multifamily and town houses. As veterans with extensive knowledge in this area, we can spot investment opportunities across varying scenarios. With our keen analyzations of the economic health of the Real Estate industry we deliver a Premium service in Real Estate investment.

Health Care

LAZMOR Capital has been tracking Healthcare Industry trends since birth, exploring and studying investment opportunities. Current research and trends point to lucrative investment opportunities in well-managed, high-quality, low-cost, healthcare companies. With over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry we are ever increasing our expertise! We have conducted a wide variety of transaction types across many proprietary healthcare networks using data-driven analysis.

Our role adds PREMIUM VALUE to nursing homes, rehab units and home care!


LAZMOR Capital has a profound intelligence and robust skill investing in all areas of the technological landscape. We have spent many years and investments in cybersecurity, internet and software companies. We prioritize and value innovation keeping it at the core of our in-depth expertise about tech-trends. Utilizing a unique insight into evolving customers, emerging business models and channel dynamics.